Devoted to diagnostic and interventional spine imaging and therapeutics

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Past Presidents

1993-1996: Jeffrey S. Ross, MD
1996-1997: Pierre C. Milette, MD
1997-1998: J. Randy Jinkins, MD
1998-1999: Alan L. Williams, MD
1999-2000: M. Judith Donovan Post, MD
2000-2001: Wade H.M. Wong, DO
2001-2002: John M. Mathis, MD, MSc
2002-2003: A. Orlando Ortiz, MD, MBA
2003-2004: Gregg H. Zoarski, MD
2004-2005: Gordon K. Sze, MD
2005-2006: Brian C. Bowen, PhD, MD
2006-2007: Alyssa T. Watanabe, MD
2007-2008: Erin Simon Schwartz, MD
2008-2009: Bassem A. Georgy, MD
2009-2010: Jeffrey A. Stone, MD
2010-2011: Gregory W. Petermann, MD
2011-2012: Walter S. Bartynski, MD
2012-2013: Allan Brook, MD
2013-2014: Meng Law, MD
2014-2015: Adam E. Flanders, MD