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A new technique for cervical discography 2006

Interventional Spine

Chi S. Zee, MD, ASSR Member
Paul E. Kim, MD, ASSR Member
John L. Go, MD, ASSR Member

Scientific Paper


To evaluate a new technique in performing cervical discography.

Methods & Materials

Cervical discography were performed in three patients at six levels. A curved 25 gauge needle was used in conjunction with a 21 gauge introducer needle in a co-axial fashion. The patient was in supine position, and the introducer needle was placed from the lateral neck under CT guidance. The introducer needle tip is placed at the anterolateral aspect of the disc space, followed by placement of the curved needle into the disc space.


Cervical discography was performed successfully at all six levels using this technique. Patients had only minimal discomfort. No complications were encountered


A new technique using co-axial, curved needle and CT guidance may be a good alternative to the conventional technique for performing cervical discography


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