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Accuracy of CT-guidance for Lumbar Facet Blocks 2011

Interventional Spine

Markus, Weininger, MD
Jared, C., Mills, MD, Non ASSR Member
Zoran, Rumboldt, MD, Non ASSR Member
Giuseppe, Bonaldi, MD, Non ASSR Member
Walter, Huda, PhD, Non ASSR Member
Alessandro, Cianfoni, MD, Non ASSR Member



Lumbar facet joint blocks (FJB) are performed for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes, and are generally carried out under fluoroscopy-guidance. Precise intra-articular injection is desirable for diagnostic specificity, and therapeutic efficacy. Our purpose was to assess the rate of procedural success profile of FJB under CT-guidance and to estimate patient periprocedural radiation doses.

Methods & Materials

We retrospectively reviewed a series of clinically indicated FJB procedures in 37 consecutive patients (13 men, 24 women; mean age 60±12 years; age range 37-82 years) for a total of 47 procedures, and a total of 84 targeted facet joints. All procedures were performed under local anesthesia using a 22G beveled spinal needle, either 3.5â