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Adrenal cortical tumor of the spine in a 5 month old girl 2008

Peter Kalina, MD,

Excerpta Extraordinaire


A 5 month old presented with a 2 month history of not extending her legs or pushing off surfaces. She would not support weight on her lower extremities and cried when placed on her stomach. Her parents noticed decreased lower extremity movement. MRI suggested a large enhancing T12 to L2 intramedullary tumor, likely astrocytoma or ependymoma. At surgery, the lesion was completely extramedullary/ intradural. The pathology revealed Adrenal Cortical tumor. Ectopic adrenal cortical neoplasms of the spine are extremely rare. This patients adrenal glands were normal. The tumor presumably developed from congenital ectopic rests of intraspinal adrenal tissue.