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Angio-CT(C-arm flat-panel detector CT) application of spine intervention 2012

Interventional Spine

jaewon, Jung, RN
joonwoo, Lee, MD, Non ASSR Member



Currently, fluoroscopy or CT image guided spine interventions have been performed worldwide. Recently, flat-panel detector CT (Angio CT) that can combine both functions of fluoroscopy and CT has become used for interventions. Therefore, this study aims to illustrate spine intervention cases through the use of angio-CT

Methods & Materials

We searched cases in which Angio-CT were applied for spine intervention by electronic database. Spine intervention through the use of angio-CT had been conducted for 36 patients (Men:16, Women:20, average age:56.7) in radiology department of our hospital from May 2003 to October 2011.


In the 36 cases 1) Sacroplasties were done in 12 patients, 2) Spine Biopsies were in 20 patients, 3) Spine injection in one case, 4) discography in one case, 5) immediate evaluation of cement incooperation post vertebroplasy were comfirmed in one case.


In our personal experience, we will demonstrate the representative cases in which angio-CT were applied for spine interventions.