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Arachnoidal Diseases of the Spine 2007

General Spine

Mohsin Rahman, MD
Charlene Ong, B.S., Non ASSR Member
Khurshed Dastur, M.D., ASSR Member
Walter Bartynski, M.D., Non ASSR Member
William E. Rothfus, M.D., ASSR Member

Scientific Poster

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Spinal cystic lesions and inflammation are not infrequent findings of neuroimaging studies, and pose a diagnostic challenge to physicians unfamiliar with the typical radiographic presentation of various arachnoidal pathologies. Lesions or inflammation may be congenital or secondary in nature such as arachnoid cysts, arachnoiditis, neuroenteric cysts, dermoids, and epidermoids.

Differentiating between various lesions is necessary for determining appropriate management and treatment. An accurate diagnosis depends on an understanding of the lesion's relation to surrounding spinal structures and familiarity with the salient signal characteristics of MR imaging and CT myelography.

This poster will provide a review of the respective imaging features of intra-spinal diseases arising from trauma, inflammation and infection, as well as the currently recommended radiographic standards used for the evaluation of cystic lesions of the spinal cord.

1. Review radiographic features of arachnoidal pathology
2. Discuss techniques for optimal imaging