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Beyond the Spine : Extra Spinal Imaging Findings on Lumbar MR 2012

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Chris, Buckle
Kristina, Olsen, MD, Non ASSR Member
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Low back pain (LBP) is the most common and costly medical condition in the western world . While many causes of lower back pain are attributable to the spine, lumbar spine MRI may also reveal important extra spinal conditions that present as LBP and important incidental extra spinal findings that may require further work up. The purpose of this educational exhibit is to review important extra spinal conditions associated with low back pain

Methods & Materials

An interactive pictorial review of extra spinal findings on lumbar spine MRI. Viewers will be challenged to identify the extra spinal imaging findings from a list of choices and information about the disease process, focusing on next steps in its management, will be discussed


Sample extra-spine conditions that will be presented Vascular Aortic aneurysm and dissection Retroperitoneal hematoma GI Liver : Hepatic hemangioma, metastasis Pancreas : Bowel wall thickening Cecal carcinoma GU Renal stone Complex renal cyst angiomyolipoma Renal carcinoma Adrenal metastasis UPJ obstruction Staghorn calculi


Extra spinal findings on routine lumbar MR occur commonly, and should be considered when interpreting lumbar MR examinations. This exhibit presents common clinically relevant and incidental extra spinal imaging findings to improve awareness that abnormalities exist beyond the margins of the spine in patients with low back pain.

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