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Bone Tumors of the Spine: Clivus to Sacrum 2011

General Spine

Amish, H, Doshi, MD
Jonathan, Steinberger, MD, Non ASSR Member
Puneet, Pawha, MD, Non ASSR Member
Kapil, R, Desai, MD, Non ASSR Member
Thomas, P, Naidich, Non ASSR Member



The educational exhibit will provide a review the spectrum of benign and malignant spinal bone tumors extending from the clivus to the sacrum. The exhibit will discuss bone tumors routinely seen in practice such as hemangiomas and metastatic disease, as well as, uncommon primary spinal bone tumors. The epidemiology, clinical symptoms and signs, and imaging characteristics of these tumors will be reviewed.

Methods & Materials

1. Review of bone tumors extending from the clivus to the sacrum 2. Review the imaging findings of these tumors and identify characteristics that differentiate tumors 3. Review the differential diagnosis of lytic spinal lesions, ivory vertebral body, vertebral plana


Introduction Tumors of the Clivus: Epidemiology, Clinical presentation, Imaging Tumors of the Sacrum: Epidemiology, Clinical presentation, Imaging Other Vertebral Tumors: Epidemiology, Clinical presentation, Imaging


There are a large number of bone tumors that occur in the spinal column from the clivus to the sacrum. This exhibit highlights the differences in these tumors based on location, epidemiology and imaging findings to help guide the radiologist to a narrowed differential diagnosis.