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Cavernous hemangioma of L3 vertebra with epidural extraosseous extension, case of surgical decompression 2011

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Hyung-Seok, Kim, M.D.
Jin-Hee, Park, M.D., Non ASSR Member
Pyung-Jin, Kim, M.D., Non ASSR Member
Ji-Youn, Yu, M.D., Non ASSR Member
Sang-Ho, Lee, M.D., Non ASSR Member


Symptomatic vertebral hemangomas are extremely rare and, when they occur, are predominantly in the thoracic spine. Less than 1% of the vertebral hemangiomas caused neurologic symptoms from spinal cord or nerve root compression and they can lead to serious neurologic deficits if not treated immediately.


To introduce a symptomatic cavernous hemangioma of L3 vertebra with epidural extraosseous extension, which was proved pathologically after operation.

Methods & Materials

The patient is a 58-year-old woman who had slowly aggravating back pain, right leg pain with numbness and tingling sensation for ten months. Her symptom was aggravated in a standing position, and it was subsided when she was in the supine position. Plain radiographs, CT and MRI were performed before surgery.


Plain lateral radiographic film demonstrates the coarse vertical striations in L3 body. Axial and sagittal reconstructed CT images show the â