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Cervical Myelography: Why, Who and How 2007

Interventional Spine

Devang Butani, MD
Ajay Malhotra, MD, Non ASSR Member
Cynthia Zink, RPA-C, Non ASSR Member
Per-Lennert Westesson, MD, DDS, Non ASSR Member

Scientific Poster

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To present the concept of cervical myelography using diagrams, cases and descriptions pertaining to patient selection, technical performance, image interpretation and common complications.

Methods & Materials

We will discuss the indications and contraindications for cervical myelography (CM). Detailed descriptions would include optimal patient selection criteria, informed consent and patient screening, including a template. Next, patient preparation including protocols for conscious sedation, and instrumentation are discussed. Equipment and imaging protocols are presented using pictures and tables. Relevant anatomy and technical performance of the procedure are then illustrated using diagrams and radiographic images. Special considerations unique to CM are discussed including cervical and lumbar punctures for intrathecal administration of contrast.


We commence with a normal cervical myelogram study, including terminology and format used for reporting purposes. Common technical issues experienced during the procedure, and techniques to overcome these difficulties are discussed. We then present commonly seen abnormal studies with discussion of the pertinent findings. We also discuss clinical management of common complications, such as post-myelography headache.


Cervical Myelography is a very valuable interventional neuroradiology procedure that gives unique information to the clinicians, helping patient management. Appropriate patient selection, technique, imaging and knowledge about complications and their management translates to better patient care.


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