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Chiari II Malformation with Cervical Meningocele, Cervical Lipoma, and Intramedullary Dermoid with Dorsal Dermal Sinus 2008

Gregory E Punch, MD,
Daniel J Donovan, MD, Non ASSR Member
Gregory W Petermann, MD, ASSR Member

Excerpta Extraordinaire


Chiari II malformations are reported in association with myelomeningoceles, although these are infrequently located in the cervical level. The concomitant findings of two other intramedullary lesions is even less common.

We present a case of a 19 month old male with global developmental delay, no verbal skills, and inability to stand or walk. MRI imaging demonstrated low lying tonsils with small posterior fossa and tectal beaking of the brain. A C3-C5 posterior spinal defect was present with a skin covered CSF collection and no neural elements within the sac. A small dorsal lipoma and adjacent syringohydromyelia occurred just above this abnormality. Finally, intramedullary fat containing mass also occurred at T5-T6 level with an associated dorsal dermal sinus. These imaging findings of a Chiari II malformation with a cervical meningocele, dorsal lipoma of the cord, and an intramedullary dermoid with associated dorsal dermal sinus will be reviewed.