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Clinical Causes of Diskogenic Low Back Pain and Associated Features of Disk Internal Derangement in Patients Studied with Provocation Lumbar Diskography 2011

Interventional Spine

Lucas, M, DeJohn, DO
Walter, S, Bartynski, MD, Non ASSR Member
William, E, Rothfus, MD, Non ASSR Member
Peter, C, Gerszten, MD, Non ASSR Member



Low back pain (LBP) is commonly related to a specific injury, but many patients develop LBP of gradual onset without a clear inciting event. (1) The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical causes identified by patients and associated features of disk internal derangement in a population of patients with chronic LBP referred for provocation lumbar diskography.

Methods & Materials

Concordant LBP was identified at one or more lumbar disk levels in 120 patients with chronic longstanding LBP studied by provocation lumbar discography. The cause of LBP, provocation diskogram pain response and diskogram/post-diskogram CT imaging features of disk internal derangement (degenerative changes [lamellar tears, free annular fragments, attached annular fragments, peripheral annular tears], radial annular defect [radial tear, annular gap]) in these patients were retrospectively reviewed.


LBP was related to prior â