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Concept of paraspinal muscular harmonization 2007

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Jacques Theron, MD
leopoldo Guimaraens, MD, Non ASSR Member
Alfredo Casasco, MD, Non ASSR Member
Hugo Cuellar, MD, Non ASSR Member
Jan Marc Constans, MD, Non ASSR Member
Teresa Sola, MD, Non ASSR Member

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Clinical observation of the patients that we had treated by intradiscal therapy brought us to note some significant modifications on the paraspinal muscles.These signs were associated to an obvious muscular weakness at the Kinésiology testing.We regrouped these signs under the term of "paraspinal muscular dysharmony" assuming that it did participate in the postural disorder that had led to the hernia. Because we discovered that needle stimulations of the paraspinal skin cleared all the described signs we assumed that repeated stimulations might correct the dysharmony, improve the muscular strenght in general and more specially the active contention of the spine.

Methods & Materials

We progressively finalized a technique of "paraspinal muscular harmonization" using auriculitherapy needles placed on the skin in the paraspinal areas and/or homeopathic medicines both selected on the clinical exam for the type of product and its dose. The metallic elements disrupting the paraspinal muscular harmony will be recognized on the clinical exam and will be eliminated. To memorize the effect of stimulation, orthopedic automolded soles were achieved right after having recovered a normal muscular exam.


We currently document the results of this new therapeutic tool, obviously based on energetic phenomenons. by :
1) Cerebral spectroscopy of suprathalamic areas.
2) Bioelectrography (Computarized projection of the Kirllian phenomenon).
3) Thermography of the paraspinal areas before and after harmonization.


Originally designed to be used in the follow up of intradiscal therapy patients, the technique of paraspinal harmonization can be used in numerous other spinal pathologies of the adult and child.