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Cystic Spinal Lesions 2007

General Spine

Ahmed El-Sherief, MD,
Ajay Malhotra, , Non ASSR Member
Sudhir Kathuria, MD, Non ASSR Member
P-L Westesson, MD, Non ASSR Member

Scientific Poster

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The etiology of cystic lesions of the spine is varied. The purpose of this exhibit is to present differential diagnoses and helpful tips to diagnose cystic lesions of the spine.

Methods & Materials

The imaging findings of cystic spinal lesions will be discussed on different imaging modalities. The different anatomical compartments and the differential based on the site of origin and lesion characterisation will be reviewed.


Cystic lesions of the spine can be divided by anatomic location: intramedulllary, intradural-extramedullary, and extradural. Intramedullary lesions include syrinx, hydromyelia, and cystic tumor. Intradural-extramedullary lesions include meningeal cyst (arachnoid cysts) and cystic schwannomas. Extradural lesions include meningeal cyst, meningoceles, perineural cysts, tarlov cyst, and synovial cysts.


The exhibit should help the practising radiologist to feel comfortable in diagnosing cytic spinal lesions and form a list of differential diagnosis.