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Dorsal Dermal Sinus 2012

General Spine

Ryan, C, Withrow, MD
Michael, J, Jubang, MD, Non ASSR Member
James, C, Smith, MD, Non ASSR Member



Overview of two classic cases of dorsal dermal sinsus tracts on MRI.

Methods & Materials

Multiplanar multisequential MRI sequences of the spine before and after the administration of contrast were obtained.


One case demonstrates a lumbar dorsal dermal sinus with spina bifida and associated cord tethering. The second case shows a thoracic dorsal dermal sinus with associated posterior element spinal dysraphism and tiny meningocele. Multiple complex arachnoid septations are also seen throughout the posterior aspect of the canal with tethering to the cord at multiple levels.


Dorsal dermal sinus is a rare disease which is important to know the classic features and associated pathology so that it is properly diagnosed and managed.

References/Financial Disclosures

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