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Dual Energy Spectral CT of the Instrumented Spine: Tuned Monochromatic Imaging Improves Quality Over Traditional Techniques 2011

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James, M, Kessler, MD, MPH
Jose, Rios, MD, PhD, Non ASSR Member
Evan, G, Stein, MD, PhD, Non ASSR Member
Mark, Ellestad, BS, Non ASSR Member
Lawrence, Tanenbaum, MD, FACR, Non ASSR Member



Analysis of the spectral Hounsfield signal behavior of dual energy spectral CT (DESCT) scans obtained in the presence of spine instrumentation provides the opportunity for selection of the appropriate energy level to minimize artifact and optimize image quality. In this study, we sought to determine the energy level that would maximize signal-to-noise ratios in the spinal canal of instrumented spines and to compare these tuned monochromatic (MC) images to those produced from routine MC (70 keV â