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Functional Outcome and Length of Stay after Vertebroplasty with a Curved Needle 2012

Interventional Spine

Todd, S, Miller, MD
Anthony, Mohabir, BS, Non ASSR Member
Joaquim, Farinhas, MD, Non ASSR Member
Christopher, Romano, RPA-C, Non ASSR Member
David, Pasquale, MD, Non ASSR Member
Allan, Brook, MD, Non ASSR Member



To demonstrate improvement in functional status and decreased length of stay for patients treated as inpatients for painful vertebral body insufficiency fractures with a curved needle.

Methods & Materials

The radiology information system was reviewed for patients treated with a curved needle for insufficiency fractures of the lumbar and thoracic vertebra. Patient charts were reviewed for length of stay data as well as functional status as recorded by nurses and physical therapists.


160 patients were identified. Average age 75, average LOS 10 days. Average Procedure to discharge 3.8 days. Pre-procedure Braden score 1-3 in 88%. Less than 4 scored when patient has difficulty ambulating. 50% discharged home ambulating. 25% sub-acte rehab ambulating with assist. Physical therapy evaluation demonstrated 80% improvement in balance, cadence, need for assist.


Vertebroplasty with a curved needle in an inpatient population shortened length of stay, improved mobility, and resulted in improvements in functional status without complications.