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Grading of Neuroforaminal Stenosis : Which Scale is Best? 2011

General Spine

Christopher, E, Buckle, MD
Raghid, Kikano, MD, Non ASSR Member
Jordan, Prager, MD, Non ASSR Member
Saaid, Mojthaedi, MD, Non ASSR Member



While neuroforaminal stenosis is an important cause of sciatica that can be identified on MRI, estimates of the severity of foraminal stenosis vary widely between raters. Hence, there is a need for a consistent, reliable method of grading the degree of neuroformainal stenosis. While several scales have been developed for this purpose, to our knowledge there have been no studies that have directly compared the reliability of these scales using the same raters. The purpose of this study was to compare the interrater consistency and agreement of these scales in assessing the severity of neuroforaminal stenosis

Methods & Materials

4 raters with different levels of experience â