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Incidental detection of thoracic intradural extramedullary capillary hemangioma; A case report 2012

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Ji Youn, Yu, M.D.
Hyung-Seok, Kim, M.D., Non ASSR Member
Jin-Hee, Park, M.D., Non ASSR Member
Sang-Ho, Lee, M.D., Non ASSR Member


Incidental detection of thoracic intradural extramedullary capillary hemangioma.


To report a rare case of thoracic intradural extramedullary capillary hemangioma with enlarged draining perimedullary veins.

Methods & Materials

A 80-year-old female presented with acute onset back pain at thoracolumbar junction area following trauma.


On MRI, acute osteoporotic compression fracture at L1 was detected probably causing acute symptom and a well defined intradural extramedullary lesion which compressed and displaced spinal cord ventrolaterally at T11-12 level was found, incidentally. The lesion demonstrated isointense relative to the spinal cord on T1 weighted images and heterogenously hyperintense on T2 weighted images with homogenous intense enhancement. And contrast enhanced T1-weighted images showed dilated serpentine venous structure coursing superior and inferior portion from the lesion on dorsal surface of the spinal cord. The tumor was resected completely and the diagnosis of capillary hemangioma confirmed.


A capillary hemangioma is a rare case of enhancing intradural extramedullary lesions in spinal canal. Preoperative diagnosis can be difficult due to the nonspecific imaging findings for this lesion. The identification of enlarged draining perimedullary veins associated with an intraspinal mass on MR images could help in differential diagnosis and preoperative assessment.

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