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Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Fetal Spinal Anomalies 2003

Zee CS, Colletti P, Go JL, Kim PE
University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine

To determine the role of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in the evaluation of fetal spinal anomalies.

Material and Methods:
MR imaging was performed in 10 pregnant females suspected of fetal spinal anomalies by fetal ultrasound or clinical examination. Correlation is made with MR imaging of the baby and/or surgical findings.

A total of five cases of fetal spinal anomalies were demonstrated by MR imaging. They include myelomeningocele with Chiari II malformation (2), lipomyelomeningocele (1), sacral teratoma (1), and dermal sinus tract (1).

MR imaging can provide specific information with excellent tissue contrast and multiplanar capability and is useful in the evaluation of fetal spinal anomalies.