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Obtaining and Documenting Multisource Feedback for Trainees During Spine Interventions 2012

General Spine

Eric, M, Spickler, MD
Suresh, C, Patel, MD, Non ASSR Member



The ACGME requires multisource feedback during resident and fellow training. We created four forms for feedback which trainees use during their busy experience on the spine intervention service.

Methods & Materials

We are a large tertiary medical center which performs many spine interventions daily. Trainees assigned to the service are provided the four forms with a required completion of five of each at the end of the rotation. Forms include, staff, nursing/technologist, peer (fellow or resident), and patient. Trainees distribute and accumulate the forms which are then placed in their learning portfolio for review. The assessments form part of the basis of self assessment with the program director during biannual meetings.


The assessment system was instituted two years ago and has been a great success. Feedback regarding professionalism, patient care, communication, medical knowledge, and systems based practise has been an excellent format for documenting and instituting positive behavioral change in trainee performance. The consistency of the daily routine on the spine service has helped foster a culture of focus on trainee performance.


This novel approach to fulfilling practice based learning and improvement ACGME training requirements is a great success and has been piloted by several other programs in our system. The presentation will provide a link to the forms for others to use.