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Percutaneous bone cement injection for sacral fractures (Sacroplasty) 2004

Georgy, Bassem, M.D.

Describe our experience, technique and outcomes in treatment of sacral fractures and Lesions by percutaneous bone cement injection.

Material and Methods:
Seven cases was performed by either CT guidance only (1 case), fluoroscopy guidance Only (1 case) or both including CT fluoroscopy (5 cases). In three cases two needles were placed in both sides. Three cases had underwent vertebroplasty before or with the sacroplasty on the lumber spine. One case had a benign cyst (next to the fracture) that was filled with cement during the procedure.

All patients, but one, experienced marked pain relief. There may be a tendency of association between lumbar compression fractures and sacral fractures. Sacral pain may be associated with lesions other than stress fractures. Cases may need more than single needle injection for each side. Filling of all fracture lines is not required for pain relief.

Sacroplasty can be performed with high success rate. Technically it may be more challenging than vertebroplasty. More experience is needed to define the adequate amount and exact location of cement injection needed for pain relief.