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Preliminary experience with a Novel Vertebral Channeling Device in Vertebral Augmentation 2011

Interventional Spine

Sean, M, Tutton, MD
Mark, Davidian, MD, Non ASSR Member
Frank, Facchini, MD, Non ASSR Member
Charles, Nutting, MD, Non ASSR Member
Orlando, Ortiz, MD, Non ASSR Member
Dan, Nguyen, MD, Non ASSR Member



It is well known in the Vertebral Compression Fracture (VCF) literature that 10-15% of osteoporotic vertebrae have areas of sclerotic or compact bone resulting in unpredictable cement flow and potential leakage. A novel cavity creating device has been designed to core single or multiple helical bone channels through bone. The Blazer(Blazer Vertebral Augmentation System; Benvenue Medical, Inc.)has the ability to penetrate through hard bone and direct cement flow. We report on our experience with this device in 31 patients and 39 levels

Methods & Materials

Multi-center retrospective analysis of the first 31 patient procedures was preformed evaluating technical success in creating a curvilinear bone channel, predictable cement flow, and complications. Cement flow pattern and presence of extravasation, were specifically evaluated.


Multiple curvilinear vertebral channels were confidently created from a unipedicular lateral position in the VB. Cement flow followed the bone channels allowing targeted cement delivery with potentially better interdigitation compared to balloon assisted systems. Cement fill from endplate to endplate, and crossing midline was consistently achieved with cement extravasation (31%) in line with the published vertebroplasty literature in this most challenging subgroup of the VCF population


Our preliminary experience suggests that this novel cavity-creating device may be useful when sclerotic or compact bone is encountered during unipedicular vertebral access for VA. The novel channels appear to afford better targeted cement delivery from endplate to endplate,and across midline with acceptable rates of cement extravasation, and overall complications.

References/Financial Disclosures

Sean Tutton is a consultant for Benvenue Medical Dr. Ortiz is consultant for Orthovita Frank Facchini is a consultant for Navilyst Charles Nutting is consulant for Navilyst