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Procedure time and radiation dose from cervical puncture with CT guidance 2012

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Todd, S, Miller, MD
Amichai, Erdfarb, Non ASSR Member
Edwin, Gulko, MD, Non ASSR Member
Richard, Zampolin, Non ASSR Member
Allan, Brook, MD, Non ASSR Member



To review the procedure time and radiation dose from CT guided cervical puncture.

Methods & Materials

This study was approved by the hospital IRB and protected health information was handled in accordance with the hospital's HIPAA guidelines. Patients were referred for image guided cervical puncture.


Retrospective evaluation of the radiology information system yielded four patients who had the procedure. Average procedure time was 11 minutes (range 8 to 22 minutes). Average radiation dose was 1 mSv.(range 0.8-2 mSv). There were no technical failures, immediate or delayed complications.


CT guidance for cervical puncture is a procedure that may be performed in a reasonable amount of time with a minimal radiation dose.

References/Financial Disclosures

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