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Buy Flexeril Without Prescription 2009

Interventional Spine

Buy flexeril without prescription, Yeo Ju Kim, M.D,
Woo Sun Jun, , Non ASSR Member
Won-Hee Jee , M.D., Non ASSR Member
Joon Woo Lee, M.D., Non ASSR Member

Scientific Poster

Exhibit Panels: 1

Mentor Award: No

Institution where work was conducted

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Korea

Affiliation and Department

Diagnostic Radiology, Kangnam St. Mary Hospital, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea


Banpo Dong
Seocho Gu
Seoul, Korea, Alabama
Phone: 82-02-590-1576


To prospectively evaluate the incidence, Order flexeril no prescription, characteristics, and risk factors of pulmonary cement embolism (PCE) after percutaneous vertebroplasty (PVP) in osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures (VCFs).

Methods & Materials

Institutional review board approval and written informed consent were obtained. From June 2006 to September 2007, a total of 75 patients (57 women, 18 men; mean age, 74.78 years; range, 48–93 years) with 119 levels of 78 PVPs for osteoporotic VCFs were prospectively enrolled in this study, purchase flexeril online no prescription. CT scans of the chest and treated vertebrae were performed after PVP. The presence, location, involved pulmonary arteries, number, Online buy flexeril without a prescription, and size of each pulmonary cement embolus were analyzed using CT. Possible risk factors were analyzed as follows: age, injected cement volumes, numbers of treated vertebrae by using the Mann-Whitney U test, operators, the level of treated vertebrae, guidance equipment (mobile C-arm fluoroscopy, uniplane/biplane digital subtraction angiography unit), approaches ( uni/bipedicular approaches), presence of intravertebral vacuum clefts, and presence of paravertebral venous leakage by using Pearson’s chi-square test and Fisher’s exact test.


PCE developed in 18 (23%) of a total of 78 PVPs and were detected in fourth-order pulmonary arteries and distal to fourth-order pulmonary arteries, buy flexeril without prescription. Only cement leakage into the inferior vena cava showed a statistically significant relationship to PCE (P = .03). A higher frequency of PCE was noted in the absence of intravertebral vacuum clefts, bipedicular approach, and non-radiologist operator with mobile C-arm fluoroscopy (P > .05).


In osteoporotic VCFs, PCE 1) was detected in 23% of PVPs, 2) developed in fourth-order pulmonary arteries and distal to fourth-order pulmonary arteries, flexeril for sale, and 3) was related to leakage into the inferior vena cava.


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