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Review of Complications and Management of Vertebroplasties 2006

Interventional Spine

Natasha Acosta, MD, Non ASSR Member
Naveed Akhtar, MD, Non ASSR Member
Veronika McDonald, DO, Non ASSR Member
Thomas Grobelny, MD, Non ASSR Member
Jorge A Vidal, MD, Non ASSR Member

Scientific Poster


The poster provides a review of the most common complications encountered after Vertebroplasties. The management of these complications is also addressed in this presentation

Methods & Materials

Over 400 vertebroplasties were reviewed retroactively in to assess their complications, their outcome and the management. The patient's medical records and radiological images were evaluated and the data was consequently analyzed.


Vertebroplasties as a spinal intervention for pain have a relatively low complication rate. However, complications do occur and include, but are not exclusive of: extravasation of cement into the spinal canal, veins, or disc space, radiculopathy, and/or increased pain. An algorithm is provided for the management of these complications which include nerve blocks, Neurontin, steroid use, and conservative therapy.


Vertebroplasties carry a very low risk of complications. Nonetheless, these must be properly recognized and promptly addressed in order to maintain a low level of morbidity and a high level of patient comfort and satisfaction.