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Revisiting Scotty Dog: Correlating ‘Canine Injuries’ with Posterior Element Abnormalities 2014

Category General Spine Hemesh Rama Purpose With the increasing use of CT in diagnosis of vertebral abnormalities, the resident experience with plain film has diminished, as has familiarity with the 'Scotty dog' sign. In this exhibit, we will review posterior element osseous anatomy on the oblique lumbar radiograph. Additionally, we will correlate examples of canine anatomy defects with the corresponding posterior element defects. Using plain film, multioblique CT reconstructions, and illustrations, we will use a more modern approach to clarify classic but increasingly overlooked 'canine' signs in radiology. Materials & Methods We will adress the following posterior elements: Nose – transverse process Eye – pedicle Front leg – inferior articular facet Back leg – contralateral inferior articular facet Ear – superior articular facet Neck – pars interarticularis Body – lamina and spinous process Results n/a Conclusion We will use a multimodality approach with a focus on oblique radiographs of the lumbar spine to visually correlate injuries of Scotty dog to disruption of the posterior elements. References n/a