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Spinal Clear Cell Meningoma: Review and MR Imaging Characteristics 2004

Murphy, John, M.D.

Clear-cell meningomas are a rare subtype of meningioma, characterized by sheets of spindled-to-polygonal cells with clear cytoplasm in a whorled, syncytial architecture. Compared to other meningioma subtypes, clear-cell meningiomas tend to have higher clinical aggressiveness and recurrence rates, often occur in younger patients, with a predilection for the spine. Presented is a case of a 32 year old female who initially presented with a suprasellar mass causing bitemporal hemianopsia, determined to be a clear-cell meningioma at resection. The patient represented over three years lat er with progressive back and leg pain, lower extremity weakness and bowel and bladder dysfunction. MRI revealed a mass filling the entire lumbar spinal canal, also determined to be clear-cell meningioma at resection. MR and pathology images of this rare subtype of meningioma, as well as a review of the literature, will be presented.