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Spinal Plasmacytoma Mimicking Infectious Osteomyelitis 2011

Interventional Spine

Jonathan, A, Flug, MD, MBA
Douglas, Katz, MD, Non ASSR Member
A Orlando, Ortiz, MD, MBA, Non ASSR Member



To report a case of a spinal plasmacytoma which resembled infectious osteomyelitis on imaging.

Methods & Materials

Case Report


A 41 year old female with a history of hepatitis C, diabetes mellitus, intravenous heroin abuse and anemia presented to the emergency department with a several day history of worsening right lateral rib wall pain. The patient also reported a history of difficulty urinating and a 40-lb weight loss over a 7 month period. The patient was HIV negative, however was currently using intravenous heroin three times daily. The patientâ