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The Transitional Vertebra Classification Conundrum: Sacralized L5 or Lumbarized S1 2014

Category General Spine Hemesh Rama Purpose The transitional lumbosacral vertebra is an important anatomic variant given that it can be a source of chronic back pain. Failure to recognize this rather common variant can also lead to procedures performed at the wrong level. Whether a transitional vertebra is called a sacralized L5 or lumbarized S1 depends on various factors, some of which may overlap. This educational exhibit will highlight the characteristics of transitional lumbosacral vertebrae using examples spanning multiple modalities and clarify the Castellvi classification scheme. Materials & Methods We will use radiographs and high-resolution CT images as well as 3D reconstructions to demonstrate the above anatomic variants and provide a range of examples to aid in pattern recognition. Results n/a Conclusion This exhibit will review the appearance and classification of lumbosacral transitional vertebral bodies given their importance in terms of back pain and surgical planning. References n/a