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Tumors of the Spinal Cord, Spinal Nerves, and Their Coverings: Review of Imaging Findings with Pathologic Correlation and Illustrative Examples of Fiber Tractography 2011

General Spine

Amit, Aggarwal, MD
Amish, H, Doshi, Non ASSR Member
Thomas, P, Naidich, MD, Non ASSR Member
Puneet, S, Pawha, MD, Non ASSR Member



- Review a compartmental approach to the diagnosis of spinal tumors - Review the epidemiologic considerations, characteristic imaging appearances, & histopathologic findings of intramedullary & intradural/extramedullary spinal tumors - Illustrate the utility of diffusion tensor imaging & fiber tractography in pretreatment evaluation of intramedullary tumors

Methods & Materials

Cases of primary intramedullary and intradural/extramedullary spine tumors are presented with corresponding pathologic & surgical specimens, where available. Examples of fiber tractography in intramedullary tumors are shown with discussion of relevant analogous histopathologic features.


A compartmental approach to the diagnosis of spinal lesions is important for formulating a reasonable differential diagnosis, taking into account clinical presentation and patient age. Diffusion tensor imaging can be a useful tool for preoperative evaluation of intramedullary tumors, and can mirror histopathologic findings. Familiarity with histo-pathologic features will likely become increasingly useful as the use of advanced imaging techniques in the spine increases.

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