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Usefulness of sagittal reformations in thoracic and abdominal multidetector CT studies for detecting variable bone lesions in cancer patients, compared with axial/coronal reformations and PET-CT scans. 2011

General Spine

Seunghun, Lee, M.D., Ph.D.
Kyung Bin, Joo, M.D., Ph.D., Non ASSR Member
Jeong Ah, Ryu, M.D., Ph.D., Non ASSR Member
Soon-Young, Song, M.D., Non ASSR Member



To evaluate the prevalence of variable bone lesions involving thoracolumbar spines, pelvis and visible proximal femurs in thoracic and abdominal MDCT studies. To investigate how frequently these abnormalities detected on the sagittal reformations, compared with those detected on routine axial/coronal reformations and PET-CT scans.

Methods & Materials

We evaluated ninety-nine cancer patients (66 men, 33 women) who have whole body PET-CT scans , thoracic and abdominal MDCT scans in same week. We evaluated variable lesions such as benign or metastatic tumor, herniated disc disease, degenerative spondylosis, DISH, scoliosis, benign or malignant compression fracture, transitional vertebrae, Schmorlâ