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When Spinal Interventions need Intervention: Pictorial review of spinal procedures and their complications. 2011

Interventional Spine

Lex, A, Mitchell, MD
Thomas, M, Pulling, MD, Non ASSR Member
Timothy, J, Biega, MD, Non ASSR Member



Review common spinal procedures as well as their potential complications.

Methods & Materials

Retrospective review of imaging studies was performed in adult patients who presented for post operative follow up of a prior spine intervention. Cases depicted include pathologic fluid collections, infections, fractures, hardware complications and unexpected cement migration.


Multiple spinal procedures occur daily in the United States. Though the majority of these occur without incident, a small percentage will result in a significant complication. A thorough understanding of potential complications allows for appropriate triage of requests and helps determine which imaging study best answers the diagnosis in question.


Spinal procedure complications fall into a limited number of categories and may be easily recognized with diagnostic imaging.

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