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Meeting Abstracts

Abstracts for 2004


Prospective Analysis of Clinical Outcomes After Percutaneous Vertebroplasty for Patients with Kummell Disease

Do, Huy, M.D., Kim, Brian, M.D., Versnick, Eric, M.D., Marcellus, Mary, M.D., Curtis, Lisa, M.D., Marks, Michael, M.D.

Prospective Analysis of Clinical Outcomes After Percutaneous Vertebroplasty For Painful Osteoporotic Vertebral Body Fractures

Do, Huy, M.D., Kim, Brian, M.D., Curtis, Lisa, M.D., Marcellus, Mary, M.D., Marks, Michael, M.D.

Analysis of Post-Vertebroplasty Spine MRI According to Origin of Recurrent Back Pain

Dansie, David, M.D., Luetmer, Patrick, M.D., Kallmes, David, M.D., Lane, John, M.D., Thielen, Kent, M.D., Wald, John M.D.

Papers - Non-Mentor

Vertebroplasty And Kyphoplasty. Comparison Of Height Gains And Cement Leakage In A Cadaver Model

Westesson, Per-Lennart, M.D. Phd, DDS
Sidhu, Ravinder, M.D.
Hiwatashi, Akio, M.D.
Piekut, Diane, PhD.
DeGuzman, Ramon, M.D.
Lee, Ryan, M.D.

Comparison Study Of Cement Delivery Devices

Watanabe, Lisa, M.D.
Georgy, Bassem, M.D.

Lumbar Disk High Intensity Zones On MRI: Are They Clinically Significant?

Romero, Miriam, M.D., Sattenberg, Ronald, M.D., Wong, Alexis,M.D., Hinz, Brian, R.T., Rafal, Richard, M.D., Bettmann, Michael, M.D.

Symptomatic Improvement After Vertebroplasty for Acute

Do, Huy, M.D., Massengale, Justin, M.D., Marcellus, Mary, M.D., Lim, Michael, M.D., Lane, Barton, M.D.

Core Assure Bone Biopsy Device for Percutaneous Vertebral Body Biopsies

Do, Huy, M.D., Curtis, Lisa, M.D., Versnick, Eric, M.D., Marks, Michael, MD

Thoracic Kyphosis in the Absence of Vertebral Fracture: Age Related changes and the Normal Development of Extreme Curvature

Bartynski, Walter, M.D., Heller, Matthew, M.D., Grahovac, Stephen, M.D., Rothfus, William, M.D.

Meta-Analysis Comparing the in vivo Cement Extravasation Rates for Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty

Agris, Jacob,M.D. Hussain, Namath, M.D., Gailloud, Philippe, Murphy, Kieran, M.D.


Percutaneous Instrumented Spinal Fusion Utilizing Sextant Rod Insertion for a Lumbar Vertebral Body Fracture

Savcenko, Vladimir, M.D., Wald, John, M.D., Dekutoski, Mark, M.D., Thielen, Kent, M.D., Friese, Jeremy, M.D.

The Boundaries Of The Lumbar Spine Neuroforamen, And Their Changes With Age And Degeneration.

Sattenberg, Ronald, M.D., Srinivas, Gujjarappa, M.D., Goud, Ajay, M.D., Bergmann, Alan, M.D., Rafal, Richard, M.D. Bettmann, Michael, M.D.


Sattenberg, Ronald, M.D., Wong, Alexis, M.D., Hinz, Brian, R.T., Bettmann, Michael, M.D.

Spinal Subdural Hematomas

Kalina, Peter, M.D., Campeau, Norbert, M.D.

Neural Foraminal Lesions

Kalina, Peter, M.D., Campeau, Norbert, M.D.

Neuroforaminal Stenosis; The Importance Of The Sagittal Plane

Goud, Ajay, M.D., Sattenberg, Ronald, M.D., Romero, Miriam, M.D., Hinz, Brian, R.T., Bergman, Alan, M.D., Bettman, Michael, M.D.

The Use of Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents in Spine Interventions

Fuchs, Yonathan, Dickson, Asante, M.D., Ortiz, Orlando, MD, MBA, Zee, Chi-Shing, MD, Wagner, Andrew, M.D.

Use of Multidetector CT in the Diagnosis of Spondylolysis

Eubig, Jan, Dickson, Asante, M.D., Ortiz, Orlando, MD, MBA, Luchs, Jonathan, M.D., Katz, Douglas, M.D., Lustrin, Elizabeth, M.D.

Sacroplasty: Pain Relief for Sacral Lesions and Sacral Insufficiency Fractures

Dickson, Asante, M.D., Dipietro, Joseph, Murphy, Kieran, M.D., Ortiz, Orlando, MD, MBA, Mathis, John, MD., MSc

Kyphoplasty – An Established Technique For The Treatment Of Painful Vertebral Body Compression Fractures

Buonocore, Brian, M.D., Ortiz, Orlando, M.D., MBA, Zoarski, Gregg, M.D., Olan, Wayne, M.D.


Parasitic Diseases of the Spine

Zee, Chi, M.D., Yuhan, Joseph, M.D., Go, John, M.D.

Hyperin Tensity of Spinal Cryptococcus Infection on DWI

Rumboldt, Zoran, M.D., Aganovic, Lejla, M.D. Hoda, Rana, M.D.

Spinal Subdural Metastasis Without Contrast Enhancement on MRI

Rumboldt, Zoran, M.D., Marjan, Domagoj, Sajko, Tomislav, Talan-Hranilovic, Jasna

Spinal Subarachnoid Hematoma After Epidural Blood Patch

Kalina, Peter, M.D., Campeau, Norbert, M.D.

Cerebrotendinous Xanthomatosis Involving the Cauda Equina

Kalina, Peter, M.D., Campeau, Norbert, M.D.