Devoted to diagnostic and interventional spine imaging and therapeutics


Meeting Abstracts

Abstracts for 2014


Sacroplasty for Tumor-Associated Sacral Insufficiency Fractures

Nelson Moussazadeh
Patrick Boland
Ilya Laufer
Mark Bilsky
Eric Lis, MD

Simulation-Based Educational Curriculum for Lumbar Puncture to Improve Operator Confidence and Efficiency

Austin Bourgeois, MD, BS
Thomas McLaren, MD, BS
Kathleen Hudson, MD
Alexander Pasciak, PhD, BS
Austin R. Faulkner, MD, MSC, BS
Eric Heidel, PhD, BS
Yong Bradley, MD

Diagnostic Value of the Posterior Epidural Fat Pad Sign in Assessing Spondylolysis of the Lumbar Spine on MRI

Thomas J. O'Neill, MD
Bryan Foley, MD
Luis Ramos-Duran, MD
Nassim Akle, MD

Reducing the Dose for CT-guided Spine Biopsies: Let’s Shift the Paradigm

Katya Shpilberg, MD
Bradley Delman, MD
Steven Esses, MD
Lawrence N. Tanenbaum, MD, FACR
Raja Subramaniam, PhD
Amish Doshi, MD

Papers - Non-Mentor

Impact of Radiation Dose Reduction on Image Quality in CT of Cervical Spine

Santanu Chakraborty, MRCP, DMRD, FRCR
Satya Patro, MD
Adnan Sheikh, MD

Pilot Multicenter Study to Assess the Efficacy of Percutaneous Herniectomy for Lumbar Radiculopathy Related to Disk Herniation

Patrick Browaeys
Nicolas Theumann
Laurent Huwart
Olivier Hauger
Pauline Foti
Manuel Cifrian-Perez
Nicolas Amoretti

Cement Salvage of Instrumentation-Associated Vertebral Fractures

Ran Xu
Katelyn O'Connor
George Krol
Josh Yamada
Mark Bilsky
Ilya Laufer
Eric Lis, MD


Understanding the Link between Body and Mind: Magnetic Resonance Imaging evaluation of Congenital Craniovertebral Junction Anomalies

Amit Gupta, M.D.
Tushar Chandra, M.D.
Manish Bajaj, M.D.
Ravishankar Pillenahalli maheshwarrapa, M.D.

DSA, MRA, CTA: Imaging Spinal Arterial Anatomy and Pathology

Michele H. Johnson
Vahe Zohrabian, fellow
Charles Matouk
Ketan Bulsara
Amit Mahajan

Lumbar Sacralization on CT and its Association with Lumbar Fractures in Motor Vehicle Accident Patients

Sohaib Amer. Mohiuddin
Imran Qureishi
Hamza Alizail
Richard Berger
Saad Iqbal

Treatment of Spinal Metastases using CT Myelography based Stereotactic Radiosurgery: An Imaging Primer

Vahe M. Zohrabian
Zain A. Husain
Maxwell Laurans
Veronica L. Chiang
Amit Mahajan
Michele H. Johnson

Post-operative Paraspinal Fluid Collections: Classification and Management Strategies

Nikhil K. Jain, MD, MBA
Orlando Ortiz, MD, MBA, FACR
Kimberly Dao, MD

Compartmental Anatomy of the Paraspinal Soft Tissues: What the Radiologist Needs to Know

Peter F. Duggan, MD
Anshu Shukla, MD
Akshita Mehta
Rosalyn A. Jurjus, MD, PhD
Raymond Tu, MD, FACR

Putting a New Spin On Percutaneous Kyphoplasty: Reducing Fluoroscopy Time by Utilizing Fluoroscopic Computed Tomography and 3-Dimensional Image Reconstruction

Mustafa Syed, DO
Christopher Moran, MD
Robert Hang, MD
Sagar Patel
Michael Carrick, B.S. RT(R)(CV)
Eli Halpert, MD

Optimized Imaging of the Postoperative Spine

Idoia Corcuera-Solano, MD
Anne McLellan
Simon Daniel
Vivek Joshi, MD
Varsha Subramaniam, BA
Lawrence Tanenbaum

Title: Isolated Atraumatic Rupture of the Supraspinous Ligament: A Case Report

Vivek Joshi, MD
Andrew Casden, MD
Branko Skovrlj, MD
Amish Doshi, MD

Unusual Manifestations Of Disc Pathology

Felix Diehn, MD
John Wald, MD
Jonathan M. Morris, MD
Carrie Carr, MD
Amy L. Kotsenas, MD
Patrick Luetmer, MD
Timothy Kaufmann, MD
Vance Lehman, MD
Kent Thielen, MD
Timothy Maus, MD

Tumoral Calcinosis: A Rare And Confusing Entity In The Spine

Aswin Krishnamoorthy, MD
Vinil Shah, MD

Are You Mocking Me? Spine Infection and its Mimickers

Laura Gillihan, MD
Kriti Gandhi, BSc
Felix Gonzalez , MD
Theresa Kouo, MD
Umran Ashruf, MD

Approach To Diagnosis Of Intramedullary Spinal Pathologies

Manish Bajaj
Tushar Chandra, M.D.
Dhiraj Baruah, MD
Toshio Moritani

C2 Nerve Root on Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Occipital Neuralgia

Minkyung Yi
Joon Woo Lee
Jin S Yeom
Jongyeal Kang

Utility of MR Imaging in the Management of Traumatic Cervical Spine Fractures

Pranav Chitkara, MD
Raja Anne
Srinivas Kolla, MD
Scott Lehto
Steven Pulitzer, M.D.

Bone Tumors of the Spine: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Alfred E. Delumpa, MD
Janio Szklaruk, PhD MD
Pedro Diaz-Marchan, MD
Fanny E. Moron, MD

Spinal Avm: An Important Cause Of Intracranial Subarachnoid Hemorrhage In Children

Mahmoud Zahra
Robert Hurst
Anne Marie Cahill
Ganesh Krishnamurthy
Hamza Shaikh
Phillip Storm

Percutaneous Intervertebral Disc Coagulation Therapy (Pdct) By Plasma Light: A New Method For The Treatment Of Lumbar And Cervical Disc Herniations, Preliminary Experience

Matteo Bellini, MD
Daniele Giuseppe Romano, MD
Marco Ferrara, MD
Irene Grazzini, MD
Sandra Bracco, MD
Lucia Monti, MD
Alfonso Cerase, MD

Solitary Osseous Lesions of the Spine: Key Features to Guide Management

Aaron Baer, MD
Mohannad Ibrahim, MD
Colin McKnight, MD
Hemant Parmar, MD

Spontaneous Spinal Epidural Hematoma: Unusual Site Of Bleeding In A Case Of Dic

Bharanidhar Chandrasekaran, M.D.
Brian Midkiff, M.D.
Kenneth M. Sicard, M.D.
Elias Salloum, M.D.

Percutaneous Treatment Of Lumbar And Cervical Intervertebral Disc Herniations With Radiopaque Gelified Ethanol (Rge): Clinical And Morphostructural Changes In Our Experience

Matteo Bellini, MD
Daniele Giuseppe Romano, MD
Sara Leonini, MD
Irene Grazzini, MD
Lucia Monti, MD
Sandra Bracco, MD
Alfonso Cerase

Imaging Appearance of Adhesive Arachnoiditis: A Retrospective Review

Tara L. Sabby, MD
Jonathan M. Morris, MD
John T. Wald, MD
Amy L. Kotsenas, MD

Beyond Spondylosis: Imaging Of Uncommon Causes For Back Pain And Weakness

Peachy Mae T. Piana, MD
Roger Liu, MD
Nancy Ibrahim, MD
Brooke Devenney-Cakir, MD
Joyce Y. Li, MD

S.P.A.C.E. Age Imaging of the Cervical Spine: More Than Meets the Eye

Adam W. Myers, M.D.
Falgun H. Chokshi, M.D., M.S.

Spondylodiscits And Its Mimics

Santanu Chakraborty, MRCP, DMRD, FRCR
Satya Patro, MD
Prasad Hanagandi, MD
Thanh Nguyen, MD

Imaging Findings of Vertebral Augmentation with CT Correlation – Helpful Fluoroscopic Features for the Interventionalist

Arya Bagherpour
Thomas O'Neill, MD
Jorge Aguila, MD
Melhem Ghaleb, MD
Luis Ramos, MD
Nassim Akle, MD

Austin Faulkner, MD, MS, BS
Chris Kolze, MD
Darrell Benton, MD, BS
Scott Embry, MD, BS
Yong Bradley, MD

A Pictorial Review of Lumbar Spine Surgical Approaches, Techniques, and Complications

Austin Faulkner, MD, MS, BS
Chris Kolze, MD
Austin Bourgeois, MD, BS
Yong Bradley, MD

A Pictorial Review of Cystic Intradural and Extradural Masses in the Lumbar Spine

Austin Bourgeois, MD, BS
Matthew Layman, MD, BS
Yong Bradley, MD

Review of Brachial Plexus MRI

Brian S. Dupree
John Holbrook

Cobb Syndrome: Clinical Features and Imaging Findings

Alok A. Bhatt
Norbert Campeau
Peter Kalina

The Development of a Reusable, Inexpensive Lumbar Spine Phantom for Teaching Image-guided Intervention

Austin C. Bourgeois, MD, BS
Austin R. Faulkner, MD, MSC, BS
Thomas McLaren, MD, BS
Darrell Benton, MD, BS
Yong Bradley, MD
Alexander Pasciak, PhD, BS

Sacral Morel-Lavallee Lesions: A Not-So-Rare Diagnosis

Jonathan Tresley, MD
Sklar Evelyn, MD
Jean Jose, DO

Spinal Imaging Findings Of CSF Hypovolemia Syndrome

Manish Bajaj
Toshio Moritani
Oscar Pinzon
Yutaka Sato
Aristides A. Capizzano
Tushar Chandra, M.D.

Cadaveric Study Of Percutaneous Cervical Epidural Catheterization Through The Sacral Hiatus

Oganes Ashikyan, MD
Roy Riascos, MD
Farhood Firouzbakht, MS
Lauren Layer, MD
Lisa Vu, MD

Spinal Diskitis And Osteomyelitis As A Complication Of Head And Neck Cancer

Allison Grayev
Michael Hartman
Paul Anderson
Gregory Hartig

Spinal Cord Vasculature: Anatomy And Current Imaging Techniques

Ammar Taha, MD
Udaykamal Barad, MD
Juan G. Tejada, MD

Evaluation of Obstetric Brachial Plexopathy: MRI vs CT Myelography

Christin A. Tiegs-Heiden, M.D.
Laurence J. Eckel, Neuroradiologist/M.D.
Felix E. Diehn, Neuroradiologist/M.D.
Kara M. Schwartz, Neuroradiologist
Christopher H. Hunt, Neuroradiologist
Robert E. Watson
John T. Wald, Neuroradiologist


Exophytic Midline Spinal Cord Hamartoma

Gary X. Gong, MD, PhD
Marty Auster, MD

Single Stick, Microcatheter Directed Epidural Injections in the Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spine

James N. Jones, M.D., Sr. member, ASNR, Member, ASSR
Victor S. Clampitt, MSRT (R)(MR)

X-linked Hypophosphatemic Rickets Resulting in Severe Spinal Stenosis and Myelopathy: A Case Report

Joel R. Thomas, MD
Amy L. Kotsenas, MD
Felix Diehn, MD
John Wald, MD

Combined Transoral and Percutaneous Treatment of a Pediatric C2 Aggressive Vertebral Hemangioma

Matteo Bellini
Alfredo Casasco
Daniele Giuseppe Romano
Marco Ferrara
Samuele Cioni
Umberto Arrigucci
Andrea Zandonella
Lucia Monti
Sandra Bracco
Alfonso Cerase

Adult Intradural Teratoma in the Lumbar Spine – Proof That Children Do Not Have a Monopoly on Spinal Teratoma

Ashish R. Gandhe, MD
Mougnyan Cox
James Casey
Mark Curtis, MD
David Friedman

Hemodialysis-Related Cervical Spondyloarthropathy: An Unusual Cause of Neck Pain

Mougnyan Cox
Danielle Fortuna
Ian Hayden
David Friedman
Upasana Joneja

Pulmonary Cement Embolism and Active Bleeding After Percutaneous Vertebroplasty for Osteoporotic Vertebral Fractures in a Young Patient with Lung Transplant Rejection. Clinical Management and Outcome

Matteo Bellini
Daniele Giuseppe Romano
Marco Ferrara
David Bennett
Antonella Fossi
Luca Voltolini
Francesco Vigni
Carmelo Ricci
Alfonso Cerase
Paola Rottoli